I love minimalism. I love clean, cool, sparse, white, chrome. But every once in a while, you walk into a space that drenches you in color like a hot shower and you gasp from the heat and intensity taking your breath away.

I got a notice about a new T-shirt. I opened the attachment pic that came in the note and I was very curious because it looked like more than your average T-shirt. I had to first, get it and second,  find out who made it!

Vivium Front Door

 The note led me to VIVIUM. I walked into the shop and it was awash with color and pattern.  And the clothes! Saturated colors, layers upon layers for the textures, and creative combinations and themes abound. 

Vivium Outfits 

Left: The Rez t-shirt, Sunset trousers

Top center: The Rez t-shirt detail

Bottom center: Battle trousers

Right:  Starlett Blue trousers and t-shirt (also comes with sleeveless version and shorts in the pack)

I looked up the designer’s name: sidharta Philo. I nosed around the shop a bit. Most of it was created this past September, so he’s relatively new.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.

Vivium Shop

Some items are Copy/Mod and others Mod/Transfer.

Price: L$75-300

Review copy: No

Available in world: Yes

Location:Vivium Main Shop