Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Una Ewing and Scarlett Niven Talk Fashion


This week’s Models’ Question Time was held December 04, at 12:30 PM SL time. For this session, MQT VI, we were delighted to have Scarlett Niven sharing her experiences with us. Scarlett is the winner of many modeling competitions, is a fashion writer for SecondStyle magazine, manages her own blog, Digital Image, and is a member of the creative team of the FACES Agency.


Scarlett Niven

Scarlett told us of her days as a newbie in love with bling and how she stumbled upon Paper Couture which opened up a whole new world for her in SL. She shared her experiences entering the fashion world from her very first show for Lacoste.

That led to a lively discussion about modeling contests in SL and some of the problems that she and other models have had with the contest rules. Participants agreed that there is a need for better controls and rules for them, particularly when it comes to voting.

Scarlett was also kind enough to share details about her shapes and skins with MQT participants and we talked about how it seems that several models have similar looks and Scarlett shared different ways to customize shapes and skins to create a unique look.

Aradia Dielli, the CEO of FACES  joined her in discussing their company that does image consulting, shows, a magazine and collaboration with other agencies. Look for their latest show coming up this weekend at the opening of the Glam World sim. It’s going to be something SL hasn’t seen yet and promises to be very exciting.

Finally we had a brief discussion about ways to market yourself as a model and talked about the potential of taking a second life modeling career into first life fashion industry.

See you at next week’s Models’ Question Time.

Today I had a day off, so time to do some shopping and I asked a friend to join me. How was I to keep this dude focused on the job in-hand? i.e. me and spending our hard-earned lindens, without loosing him to a flood of IMs. There was only one thing for it – find a great shop with good male and female stuff – so I took him to Savvy Avvy 

Savvy Avvy has a nice range of informal clothes, classic, yet with a hint of “rough and ready” feel. We bought some nice winter jackets, complete with a woolen scarves, gloves and hats. I love the rough look of the male jacket and well the placement of buttons, cuffs and buckles gives mine the feminine touch I love, without the “fluff”. Perfect, now time to go to Wolf Mountain for some warming snow and winter fun!

EFA - savvy - outside

  Gavriel is wearing Savvy Avvy – Camel Skin Coat, I am wearing the Savvy Avvy – Military Trench Grey

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