Today I had a day off, so time to do some shopping and I asked a friend to join me. How was I to keep this dude focused on the job in-hand? i.e. me and spending our hard-earned lindens, without loosing him to a flood of IMs. There was only one thing for it – find a great shop with good male and female stuff – so I took him to Savvy Avvy 

Savvy Avvy has a nice range of informal clothes, classic, yet with a hint of “rough and ready” feel. We bought some nice winter jackets, complete with a woolen scarves, gloves and hats. I love the rough look of the male jacket and well the placement of buttons, cuffs and buckles gives mine the feminine touch I love, without the “fluff”. Perfect, now time to go to Wolf Mountain for some warming snow and winter fun!

EFA - savvy - outside

  Gavriel is wearing Savvy Avvy – Camel Skin Coat, I am wearing the Savvy Avvy – Military Trench Grey

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