When I take a look around nearly everything is icy and white and though I love this time of year, I thought it might be nice to inject some sunshine and colour into our day. I decided to look around and to find the perfect outfit to lift the mood – here are some tips for the cold season:

  • at -veschi- you can find the yellow 80’s style jacket, the belt (colorable), the top ( 200 L$ set price) and also the grey Jersey Girl Pants ( L$ 175 set price)
  • for the sculpted grey Check Charm Stole ( L$ 220 ) you go to (Creamshop)
  • and the London Trash Boots with legwarmers ( L$ 400 ) are sold by (Next Step)

Have a great shopping trip that will bring up your mood for sure and feel free to feedback.

 Sunny Winter