Using Second Life and Social Network Media to promote his upcoming single, “Bonafide Girl”.


Shaggy is using an interesting blend of the marketing mix to launch and promote his new single. He becomes another of the numerous musical artists that are using creative media to transcend traditional music maketing methods and making effective use of viral marketing to “spead the word”. No indication has been is given about when this event is set to take place, but it has been reported that the first 150 fans to join the facebook group entitled “If I Met Shaggy In Second Life, This Is What I’d Ask Him” will be invited to take part in the exclusive event at a secret location, given limited edition clothes and accessories, such as t-shits and gold Jewellery, get to meet the reknowned star and see his new album Intoxication broadcasted via video link. Have fun guys and prepare for the “telefantastic” lag!