As the festive season approaches we thought it might be fun to have a photo contest to honour the budding photography and graphic talent out there with some cool cash prizes and some excellent exposure. So here is the deal:

EFA will be awarding the following prizes to entries we feel best capture “A Fashionable Christmas”. Entries must have a finished shot with atleast one person in view. Try and think “out of the box” and go beyond “sitting on santa’s lap” to something slightly more vogue, intriguing and artistic. We are looking for aesthetic beauty, creativity and balance. 

  • First Prize: L$ 1000, plus feature on the blog and in monthly publication
  • First Runner-up: L$ 1000, plus feature on the blog
  • Second Runner-up: L$ 500, plus feature on the blog

The competition starts as of the 8th of December. To enter, please submit a folder named after you with the following full perm items to Elise Alsop.

  • Competition entry in the following dimensions – length 2500/ width 3500 and which must be an “original” work.
  • A picture of yourself in the following dimensions – length 2500/ width 3500
  • A notecard named A Fashionable Christmas with a brief description about the competition entry
  • A notecard named Bio with a little information about yourself – i.e. what you would want people to know about you and your work in the event of winning.

Entries must be received by the 15th of December and the winning entries will be announced by the 22nd of December.

 NB: We will not be responsible for incorrectly submitted items, so please double-check permissions before sending.