The sales tracking part of the EFA Design Awards started on the 8th of December and new entries are being recieved on a daily basis. The voting will continue for the next four weeks – until January the 6th. In the mean time, we have received a number of questions we would like to address below as FAQ Part III.

Q: As the sales tracking has already started, is it worth me joining and can I still do so?

A: Yes it is still possible to join the competition and you can do so right up until 6th of January 2008. In theory an entry made in the 10th looses two sales dates, but then again it is not a given that product unit sales be constant throughout the period. In some days, a product may sell 20 times and in other days, it may sell just once. A good entry, supported with effective marketing tools, such as a blog, copy reviews, product placing and even group posts will help generate sales leads.

Q: I misses the deadline on the 8th, is it still worth entering?

A: Yes of course. The Awards are a great marketing opportunity. Normally you would create your items and list them and do the publicity and hope people buy. To take part, the only thing you have to do is have an item created after the 19th of November, tag it with the appropriate efada-[section]-[category] on Onrez and who knows, with some effective PR and promotion, your could win.

Q: I created a skin with make-up variations. Can I enter them all?

A: You can enter the set of skins as a fat pack as long as the minimum price per unit (ppu) does not infringe the minimum ppu laid out in the guidelines.

Q: What stops a “wealthy” designer from paying his/her friends to bulk buy products on their behalf?

A: The data extract that will be used will provide us enough information to be able to detect bulk-buying. Any such cases will be investigated and disqualification will occur where foul-play is found. Ultimately, there is also a limited number of people someone would be able to pay before this tactic would be exposed.

Q: I absent-mindedly tagged four items and then realised later that I had made a mistake. How will this affect my chances?

A: The first thing is, decide which entries you would like to use and then untag the other entries. Assuming you did not realise this error until the competition was over, we would only count the results of the first sold tagged product.

If you have further questions that have not been addressed here, please send it to us via the contacts form and if you would be interested in making an entry, please send the prepared items to competition administrator, Elise Aslop.