Last Saturday marked the opening of Minnu’s shared SIM with Maitreya and FACES modeling agency and the opening did not go without the expectated bang. Aradia Dielli, the CEO of FACES who made a surprise visit with her friend Scarlett Niven on last week’s Models’ Question Time gave us a preview of the island. During the tour, we came across the set that was uses for the S.O. S. show and that alone inspired great expectations.

In line with the African-themed charity event, the set was reminiscent of a village setting and traditional-looking skins with tribal markings. The planning paid intricate attention to detail right down to sound effects. The show featured models that we have worked with before, such as Cherie Parker and Takeshi Kiama and featured the ranges of fashion show debutante, Antonia Marat of atilleri as well as the likes of Chez Nabob of Chez Fine Clothing, LeeZu Baxter of Leezu Designs, Onyx Leshelle of Maitreya, Maria Gherardi of MG Fashions, Minnu Palen of MM Skins, Nicky Ree of Nicky Ree, Truth Hawk of Truth, Emma Gilmour of Sand Shack, Soraya Blachere of Serene Sensation, Camilla Yosuke of Insolence and Alla Ruff of Veshi.

EFA would like to congratulate FACES on a job well done. We look foward to future shows.