A few weeks back, we launched a competition to find a winning design for the Awards. Inundated with submissions, the selection was difficult to make. We looked for class, style, design, something that was easy on the eye, striking, easily to place and of course linked to fashion. We hereby present the winning award sculpture and its creator, GM Nikolaidis! Well done!

About GM Nikolaidis

A real life photographer, GM Nikolaidis had the opportunity to work with and get to know other noted photographers, such as Thomas Mangelsen and Jon Scanlan.  Today he primarily shoots with a Canon digital, but has also been known to dust off some vintage film cameras from the 40’s – 70’s. Secondlife has been an enabler and has opened up many new opportunities for him, such as SL photography, portraits and modeling portfolios, sculpture, and building.

GM’s work can be viewed in-world at the Centro Italia location, galleries around Secondlife and also on his website –