It’s the time of year when you just want to snuggle down under a thick duvet and wait for the darling buds of springtime to raise their heads. Those cold mornings and winter evenings are enough to send the hardiest of us running for cover under that ever-comforting, warmth of down.




Inspired by a few stray sunbeams that shot across my bed this morning, I decided a picnic in the woods was a perfect way to spend a bright winter’s day. Hey, you’ve got to enjoy it while it’s here! To compliment the moment, I chose a stunning three piece by emerging fashion designer Relika Itamae. The outfit, Down to Earth Brown, consists of glitch pants, knitted vest and undershirt. I chose the Golden Green undershirt, but there are various other colors of choice.

Relika first began designing in November 2006 and released her first item in early December of the same year. She has since grown steadily in terms of design knowledge and exposure and as one of the few designers who make a point of getting feedback from her customers, Relika strives to provide good quality for money and her customers certainly seem to approve.

When I hear my customers’ opinions, the majority of them say that they love the fact that I offer decent…high quality clothing. To me, that’s the biggest compliment I can receive…..”

I found her collection to be full of pret-a-porter daywear – with a classic elegance that is often difficult to find. Those that prefer to while away the hours on a dance floor will also not be disappointed as she also caters for the dancers out there with a collection of sexy formal and there is also a small collection of preppie daywear for the guys, which Relika hopes to expand.

Relika’s inspiration comes from everything and anything but mostly real life. She might see a photograph in a magazine where a tiny detail catches her eye, or perhaps someone walking down the street sparks an idea.

Where does Relika see herself headed? “I would love to expand more, and on the long term perhaps even own my own sim, but this is still a very long way to go! For now I am very happy with my main store on Eventide Far East and the satellite stores I have in quality shopping areas such as the Promenade and also recently the shopping plaza on Caliah Lyon’s sim Muse. For now I am thoroughly enjoying each moment and I hope to bring some of that joy to my customers as well with the items I make.”


A Closer Look At Harriet


I am wearing:

Shape: Alady’s Jane Seymour

Eyes: Brown Rainbow from PXL

Skin: Linda – Natural Lips, Fashion Eyes from PXL

Hair: Short Crop 2, color chiffon, from Aveda

Clothing: Down to Earth: Brown – glitch pants, knitted vest and undershirt (golden green) from Relika Itamae

Shoes: Monica Brown from HDS Footwear


Relika Itamae


Relika is wearing:

Shape: The Body Politik – Sultry (slightly modified)

Eyes: Celestial Studios – Deep Steel

Skin: CHAI – LF CHAI Skin – Honey – Celebrity freckle

Hair: Truth – Gillian in Dark choco

Cowlneck Sweater: Relika – Cowlneck Sweater in Blood orange

Shorts: Savvy – Colleen Bib Shorts in Chocolate

Stockings: Opium – Opium Everyday Silk Stockings in Brown

Belt: Armidi Gisaci – Au Di Crocodile Belt in Bronze

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Oxford Leather Ankle Boot in Dark Brown

The Down to Earth outfit (knitted vest, top, pants, glitch skirt) is No Mod/COPY/No transfer and is also available in Black. Both outfits include 6 tops.

Price: L$200

Review copy: No

Available in world: Yes

Visit Relika Itamae’s store: RELIKA