Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Zuri Kattun and this is my first blog post with the Ewing Fashion Agency. I recently completed the Ewing Model Training Course, which I thoroughly enjoyed and miss, but it is now time for the next phase in my development. I hope you enjoy it!

Today, I am showing an outfit that includes one of my favourite tops.

Wool sweater outfit collection

This off-the shoulder wool sweater is sweet and give the shoulders a kissable look. Sure, it may be cold, but your shoulders would be too sexy and hot to notice it! I really love the prims that come with it to get the shoulders a realistic loose feel. It feels snuggly. The brown plaid trousers goes well with the woollen top and the warm colors of the pants compliment each other well with a touch of blue for accent. The dangling hoop earrings bring attention to the neckline and bare shoulders – go on. You know you want to..

Shape: Custom

Skin: MM-Tan SkinGloss-Girl – $1150 by Minnu Model Skins

Hair: Short Crop 2 – $100 by AVEDA

Eyes: MM-Gray Eyes – $50 by Minnu Model Skins

Eyelashes: Photoshoot eyelashes – $100 by Minnu Model Skins

Shoes: Tease White Shoes – $500 by Indyra Originals

Pants: Brown Plaid Trousers – $150 by Chic Boutique

Top: WoolPulli beige top – $160 by LeeZu Baxter Designs

Earrings: Kailena Earrings: $200 by Muse