Friday, December 21st, 2007


 Callie Cline is not only a fashion icon in SL. As a designer, business women, photographer and model, it seems her talents are endless. We caught up with Callie this week to find out about this busy lady’s past, present and upcoming projects.

Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Callie Cline: My rez day is (looks on profile) 7-10-2005. I began business in an informal way as a photographer for the owner of the black library, wandering yaffle, he was my first SL friend, and I think I bothered him so much, he sent me out to take photos. Haha. He encouraged me early on to build, and make stuff and tried to teach me. After 5 minutes, I told him, NO WAY I am gonna ever make stuff. He’s an amazing person and also was the person who encouraged Nicky Ree and Ace Albion of Aces Spaces.

My “clothing” biz began quietly in I think April of 2006 with one wall in Kiana Dulce’s shop. My first things were tables, candles and rugs, all with skulls on them. I thought it’d be fun to have an all skull themed shop, so my first outfit was “skullicious”… and I made about 12 skull outfits… then sorta thought, hmmm, I’m bored with skulls on to glitter… and so on… (before I did clothing, I did photography, logo design and was a decorator too).

Harriet Gausman: What inspires your designs?

Callie Cline: Everything from objects in my home, collections of fabric I own, music, nature, my imagination, childhood memories of my favorite clothing and what I did to them with scissors, beads, leather, often to the horror of my mother.

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of Callie?

Callie Cline: Passion, excellence (meaning the best I can do, not perfection), Inspired, Integrity, Servant Leadership.

Harriet Gausman: You were the brains behind Motorati Girlz, tell us a little more about this?

Callie Cline: It was a way to engage women in the Motorati community in a fun and light way. Sort of cheerleaders for the various events.

Harriet Gausman: Have your efforts to attract more women to the world of cars in SL paid off?

Callie Cline: Yes I think so! Perhaps not in a “get under the hood” sort of way, but in fun ways, and working with people on Motorati like “ask patty” and being able to send women to her I think helped.

Harriet Gausman: It must have been thrilling to be picked for the Maxim Hot 100.

Callie Cline: It was very thrilling although equally hard to believe. Still is. I often open the mag to see if my photo is really there or has been “logged out”. They recently added a link on their site to the motorati girlz blog, it was supposed to be my blog, so that will be changed, but that was surprising to me to see “learn more about caLLie here” on the Maxim site.

Harriet Gausman: How did this come about?



Happy holidays everyone! My name is Angie and this is my first entry on the EFA blog. I hope you like it.

I love a beautifully made sweater. If a sweater is designed the right way it can make you feel warm and special and at peace with the world. The shape of a sweater and the way it is knit can give you a whole new attitude. I love my blue cardigan, the sleeves are unique and stylish and add a little extra swing to a diva’s walk. For a little aesthetic depth I put a basic black turtleneck underneath, and borrowed a gray wool skirt from another outfit to bring the cardigan and the turtleneck together. A pair of tights that are the perfect shade of black, and some cheeky Mary Jane’s that I can‘t get enough of. I paired the outfit up with a short and sassy hairdo, a pair of fabulous shades and pearl earrings to finish it off. So fashionistas, pull those knits out of your closet, use your imagination and have fun!


Hair: Billie in Black $150L at Philotic Energy

Shades: Edition Euphe from Muse

Earrings: Claris pearl earrings in gold $50L at Muse

Sweater: Short Knit Cardigan in dark blue $150L at Kurotsubaki

Turtleneck: Onyx $0L from Departure at Prim & Proper

Skirt: Gray Pants & Skirt set $200L at Kurotsubaki

Tights: Plain Transparent $0L at Paper Couture

Shoes: Mary Jane Stilettos Gingham in Silver $0L at Digit Darkes