Callie Cline is not only a fashion icon in SL. As a designer, business women, photographer and model, it seems her talents are endless. We caught up with Callie this week to find out about this busy lady’s past, present and upcoming projects.

Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Callie Cline: My rez day is (looks on profile) 7-10-2005. I began business in an informal way as a photographer for the owner of the black library, wandering yaffle, he was my first SL friend, and I think I bothered him so much, he sent me out to take photos. Haha. He encouraged me early on to build, and make stuff and tried to teach me. After 5 minutes, I told him, NO WAY I am gonna ever make stuff. He’s an amazing person and also was the person who encouraged Nicky Ree and Ace Albion of Aces Spaces.

My “clothing” biz began quietly in I think April of 2006 with one wall in Kiana Dulce’s shop. My first things were tables, candles and rugs, all with skulls on them. I thought it’d be fun to have an all skull themed shop, so my first outfit was “skullicious”… and I made about 12 skull outfits… then sorta thought, hmmm, I’m bored with skulls on to glitter… and so on… (before I did clothing, I did photography, logo design and was a decorator too).

Harriet Gausman: What inspires your designs?

Callie Cline: Everything from objects in my home, collections of fabric I own, music, nature, my imagination, childhood memories of my favorite clothing and what I did to them with scissors, beads, leather, often to the horror of my mother.

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of Callie?

Callie Cline: Passion, excellence (meaning the best I can do, not perfection), Inspired, Integrity, Servant Leadership.

Harriet Gausman: You were the brains behind Motorati Girlz, tell us a little more about this?

Callie Cline: It was a way to engage women in the Motorati community in a fun and light way. Sort of cheerleaders for the various events.

Harriet Gausman: Have your efforts to attract more women to the world of cars in SL paid off?

Callie Cline: Yes I think so! Perhaps not in a “get under the hood” sort of way, but in fun ways, and working with people on Motorati like “ask patty” and being able to send women to her I think helped.

Harriet Gausman: It must have been thrilling to be picked for the Maxim Hot 100.

Callie Cline: It was very thrilling although equally hard to believe. Still is. I often open the mag to see if my photo is really there or has been “logged out”. They recently added a link on their site to the motorati girlz blog, it was supposed to be my blog, so that will be changed, but that was surprising to me to see “learn more about caLLie here” on the Maxim site.

Harriet Gausman: How did this come about?

Callie Cline: Luck??? In a nutshell, they im’d me. Which I didn’t believe it was the real MAXIM, as you can imagine. They told me I was being considered to be in the HOT 100. And I was like, “what is that?” I didn’t really know as I don’t read the magazine. After a few im’s which led to a inworld meeting, they met me… then a few weeks later, told me I had been chosen. By then I knew who they were and was very scared. My first question was, “I can wear clothes right?” Again, it’s still very surreal to me. Oh but, one cool thing, since Maxim hadn’t done this before, I asked if I could take my own photos and they agreed!!!! That was VERY exciting for me.

Harriet Gausman: You have appeared in an article in Newsweek and more recently Marie Claire and Elle. That is quite an achievement. What is it about Callie the lady, the brand that begets her so much attention?

Callie Cline: Well, I think you’d have to ask those people! It’s sorta hard for me to see myself as others tell me I am seen. I just am having fun in SL, I like people, I like to work hard, I think we live in a world with untapped possibilities and I’ve been told I’m likable, and other nice stuff but to type it is uncomfortable for me, so I’ll just say… not really sure!

Harriet Gausman: The Newsweek story actually featured a real life picture of Callie, did it not? That is truly bridging the two worlds. How did it feel crossing “the line” so to speak?

Callie Cline: Yes it did, with sunglasses on though. I crossed it with my fingers crossed, hahahaha, I purposely wore sunglasses BIG ones… cuz I wasn’t ready to completely “cross over” haha. I told Newsweek that and they said OK, wear sunglasses!!!! Np!

Harriet Gausman: Was that something you wanted and were comfortable doing?

Callie Cline: I didn’t want a RL photo at first, but they agreed to letting me with “designer” sunglasses… so that was ok… I could be any brunette out there.

Harriet Gausman: Will there be more real life Callie pictures in the future?

Callie Cline: One never knows.

Harriet Gausman: For those who did not see it, where can people find that edition of Newsweek?

Callie Cline: Gosh it was online for the longest time… I have one copy at home… I put some of the pages on my blog… but the profile that was online with my RL pic is gone. It’s in the mag though.

Harriet Gausman: How do you get so much publicity? Do you have a publicist?

Callie Cline: I don’t know… lol. No I don’t have a publicist. But I am thinking of hiring some different people as I’m just sorta overwhelmed. All good but just a lot on my plate!

Harriet Gausman: When you are “out there”, how do you feel the RL sees Second Life?

Callie Cline: Well most don’t even get it. Some are very intrigued, and blown away, some think, OMG how dumb a computer game… my family is split, hahahah. But when I show up at family event with a stack of RL things they now say… “Wow… hmmm… interesting” the recent 12 avatar calendar got a great response from them. It’s actually so well done. I am gathering a nice little pile of RL stuff and I have to be honest… it’s GREAT to see your av in print. Its mind blowing but so cool.

Harriet Gausman: Do you see yourself as a spokesperson for Second Life?

Callie Cline: No, not at all. The only thing I have ever been a spokesperson for is my own brand, myself, and Pontiac. I don’t believe in speaking for others at all. Unless they have no voice, like those in genocides or things of that nature. I would never assume to, nor think I would be anyone to speak for SL. This world is as diverse as the real one, and I’m not sure anyone can speak for SL, except maybe the Linden’s for their own company. Actually I like to hear people speak about second life from all angles. Ours is a rich community full of possibility, talent, brains and courage. I’m happy to be in it.

Harriet Gausman: Besides your work with ASPIRE, you have not collaborated much with any other agencies. Is this a strategic move, or coincidence?

Callie Cline: Hmmm, well Aspire signed me as a model, which I was excited about and I love to model, and it’s a different thing to model others work, and quite fun actually. Also, I admire Aspire as a company, I like the family, spirited “atta girl” attitude of the company. I am not exclusive to them, and I am supportive of our industry as a whole and have attended many other agencies shows, and even had my clothing in them. So there’s not big grand strategic thing going on, and I’m a free agent, and respect much of the work many are doing in SL in fashion. Aspire is sorta where I landed, I value them, and visa versa. When opportunities are presented to me, they are the first I think of. They were the very first magazine in SL to ever interview me. That meant a lot to me. For all the RL press I’ve gotten in RL mags, it’s not been the same in SL. I’ve only been in Aspire (fashion) and OMG (men’s sorta like maxim), (both over a year ago) yes, most recently in SL’s BEST, forgot about that! I guess you could ask is that coincidence? Or strategic? But I couldn’t answer that.

Harriet Gausman: Being so much in the limelight as you are cannot be very easy. How do you deal with the more negative side of things regarding yourself and your clothing line?

Callie Cline: Like people who write mean anon things in blogs??? Well at first it was sorta hurtful, mostly because of false info that misrepresented me. I don’t mind opinions. Everyone has them and no one will ever agree on everything, nor should anyone. But reading things that were not true hurt more than things like anonymous jabs. Reason being is those writing them knew they were not true and so it was done just to make me or my brand look bad. It’s hard to believe for me that people really want to do that. I know there’s competition involved in business and all, and being human we all experience at times jealousy, insecurity and stuff like that, but to think it would go as far as someone really taking the time to write mean and untrue things about anyone is hard for me to put my mind around. So yeah, I’ve taken some stuff personally. I know one is not supposed to admit that, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I luckily have a wonderful support network of friends in RL and SL, so that’s a huge help and honestly, not THAT much stuff has been said that was mean… not as much as I was warned about. hahaha

Harriet Gausman: It is always interesting to find out the favourites of the favourites, let’s say, so what was the last item you bought and who was the designer?

Callie Cline: Ooh let me think… oh the last thing was a pair of clover shoes from Zhao shoes which I love!!! and used in my newest “runway” series ads. I’m pretty sure that was it…

Harriet Gausman: Do you have a favourite of your own designs? What is it?

Callie Cline: Hmmm… right now it’s a custom gown a made for a bride…. I can’t take it off… the other would be my first limited edition gown (which I still have a few of, lol, I was new and thought 100 was a small amount, hahahah) also I really love my rainbowas a lot… and I like my jeans a lot too… and… hmmmm… and my summer in cannes bikini is a fave for sure. I use the top all the time under stuff. Ok that’s all I can think of! Ooh and, hahah, jk. well I do like the dress I wore for the 12 avatar calendar photo too, ‘fly away”. Ok that’s all!

Harriet Gausman: What is the most expensive single item of clothing you’ve bought and how much was it?

Callie Cline: I have no idea! hahaha. I’m sorta cheap! I think it was a silent sparrow limited edition dress. I love it. Oh I bought a purse for 2k? I think, long ago, it was from shiny things, I loved that purse, and my friend ally geer waited 3 hours to get one, then crashed… they were all gone when she logged back on… So on her wedding day, I gave her mine, cuz I didn’t know what to get her and knew she’d love it. hahaah… then when sl got messed up, her perms changed on it, so I could never borrow it again, but luckily fallingwater has let me borrow hers 2 times for fashion shows. I always tell her “I gave it back” but really don’t, to tease her, cuz I love that purse, but I do always give it back.

Harriet Gausman: Have you ever made any fashion faux pas that you will admit to?

Callie Cline: Omg, everyday…. lol. One mans faux pas others call genius tho, hahahah. Not mine, but you know what I mean… like, know the rules and break em, you’re ok… break em if ppl think you don’t know them… BAD!!!! hahaha

Lets see… I guess the biggest one was when I was new. I always wore duck slippers with everything. I thought ppl took things toooo serious, I didn’t like the big high heels and it was my way of saying, I’m here to have fun. So I guess that’s the biggest…. those and my tiara were my fashion staples!

Harriet Gausman: You were recently hailed as one of the 25 most beautiful people in SL. What are your beauty and style tips?

Callie Cline: Hmmm… try to let your avatar reflect your inner beauty… have fun… be silly, serious, glamorous, crazy, try not to get too serious about it, try things you never would buy… adjust your body if needed if it stretches the textures on clothing…. and just have fun mostly… and let a friend dress you sometime!!!

On the technical end, mod your hair so it fits right, fix your prim skirts, and take the time to make those little adjustments that really add up… and if not, just have fun!!!!!

Harriet Gausman: You did not appear in the most recent edition of The Avastar. Is your contract with them now over?

Callie Cline: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Never!!!!! I love them! They needed my column a day earlier than I usually submit it, and I had some RL stuff going on, that’s all… look for more fun and fashion in the avastar in 2008. I’m even getting my own offices there!!! Yay!!!

Harriet Gausman: Callie Cline is busy and always breaking new ground. What projects are you undertaking at the present time?

Callie Cline: Oooh I can’t tell but so so so so so so exciting! I hope to be able to announce some things very soon. SL and RL. One thing is, I started something about a year ago or more that is almost done, actually 2 things, and I can’t wait to put those out… and also, just stuff… as far as my SL creations… oh I do have a little cafe press shop now, haha, just for fun. and I’m going to work more on my men’s line and some other pet projects… I really do have too much going on, hahaha, but I love it really and it changes almost daily… but I’m going to focus on a few main things in the New Year, one is with the rezzable people which I am thrilled about!!!! Ok that’s all I think for now! Oh and more from the home store! hahaha and finishing my sim! And, and, and, lol.

Harriet Gausman: You have achieved a great deal in SL, is there more to come? Like when can we expect to see the release of Callie’s line in the real world?

Callie Cline: Yes more to come… no idea on the second part. I do have dreams tho… big ones… and we’ll have to wait and see. Anything and everything is possible. Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me! You made me think a lot!!! And great work you’re all doing at EFA! Keep it up and again ty. I’m honored to have spoken with you.