I heard yesterday that the land I am currently renting for my house will be sold, so I had been told to reduce prims and in effect, delete my house! Called me a sentimal fool, but I nearly had tears in my eyes when I pressed the delete button. I have lived here since April ’07 and believe me, it is the best place in Second Life! Apart from that, it is next to the office of EFA, so no traffic jam to get to work. Enough already of the sentiment. Like you logged in to hear me moan. The good part is that whilst in the process of deleting my hot ‘crib’ and replacing it with the shack you see me pictured with above, Luriel Jewell sent me sent me a dress (yay). 

The dress is a warm chocolate brown color with a very low cut V-neck. It is very comy, yet sexy and makes you wanna either snuggle up on the couch or slips some kitten heels on and hit the town. Guess which one I did. Well would you stay in that that house any longer than you had to..? Visit her store Instyle@Liberty Fashion Clothi, LOL Island 51,97,25)

EFA - Liberte Fashion Clothi

Me in the Liberte Fashion Casual dress Sandra Brown, you can find this item as a free newyear gift at the Liberte Fashion Clothing Store