efa-design-awards-08-magazine.jpg   The 19th of November saw the launch of an exciting competition with OnRez for designers. It seems like only yesterday, but nearly two months have passed since the start date and with hindsight, the work that has been put into this from all parties, including the designers and agency staff has been immense! Today marks the end to the sales tracking part of the competition, from which we determined the winners of each of the numerous open categories and the overall grand prize winner who will recieve not only a nice monetrary payout, but an enviable promotional package to help launch, or boost the business in Second Life!

Having resisted the temptation to have a peak and also the countless resquests from others to do so, the time has finally come to find who the winners are. The drum roll begins, the gilted enveloped is slowly prised open and the content slowly taken out and the content read. The winner is..

O Come on! You did not seriously think it would be such an anti-climax did you..? No way! We are excited totally and in full preparation for the glamourous and exclusive gala event. Stay tuned to get the latest event details and to join the invitation list and please also join our in-world group called “EWING EVENTS VIP” and go shopping for that knock frock, because you will be needing it!We would like to say a big thank you OnRez, who have been very supportive and a pleasure to work with and particularly to the participating designers, who have been amazing over the last few weeks and goodluck to you all!