Kesseret Steeplechase is one of only a few jewellery designers in SL who knows the meaning of simple elegance. It’s a known fact that ‘in world’ you constantly see pieces that are so small and undetailed that it’s hardly worth purchasing them, or it’s off to ‘Bling Land’ we go. Hmm tough choices! Well fashionistas, you don’t have to waste any more time because Kesseret is elegance with a capital E. Her modestly priced pieces are beautiful and chic with a flash of flirtation. “Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to be without quality pretty items. That is what KessKreations is about,” says Kesseret.




Kesseret began building in November 2006 only a month after her rez date. “I’m pretty frugal, I wanted to create my own stuff instead of buy it.” She learned her limitations during the first months of building and now only attempts items that she has the “patience” to complete. “Most often it’s because I want to wear it myself for something. I’ve been known to whip out a set before an event to have something unique to wear.”

Her design inspirations come from her friends, pets, family jewellery and her own personal collections. The Mary Frances ring is a loose interpretation of the engagement ring her Grandfather designed for her Grandmother.

Kesseret describes her collection as “elegant fine jewellery”. She has a selection of single pieces but many are full sets. All of her current items texture change in some fashion. Her Cotidiano items give you 3 metal options and her jewellery sets have faceted stone, smooth stone, and metal options.




In addition to an already busy workload, Kesseret still finds time to do some charity work. She is currently working on a collection of limited editions, the proceeds of which will go to the Kalahari Meerkat Project, Amherst Virginia Humane Society, and to help a close friend’s mother who has terminal lung cancer. “I decided that maybe I should take a look at my Second Life and want to give some of my good fortune to others.”

The beautiful featured set of jewellery called Adeline Royal, comprises of earrings, ring and necklace. Simple beauty is hard to beat and this lovely set has an added treat – the option to colour change both the metal and stone. So the set is perfect for most items in the modern closet. There are three metal choices of gold, platinum and zirconium and a selection of gem choices – sapphire, pink diamond, champagne, ruby, emerald, white diamond, green diamond, and tanzanite. I am pictured wearing the sapphire and platinum.




Visit KessKreations yourself and check out Kesseret’s wonderful line of fine jewellery and prim wedding cakes.