Hello guys, my name is Michael and this is my first post on the EFA blog, so I hope you like it. It is well known that that Second Life fashion has a clear bias for female fashion, so we are seeking to address that at EFA. Myself a few colleagues who will also be posting items in the week will be bringing you, the male fashionistas out there some fashion finds and style tips, so stay tuned.

It takes a little work to look relaxed in dressy clothes. The Alpha Male achieved this look by combining the products of three well known designers of men’s clothing and shoes. The jacket is from REDGRAVE and can be worn solo or as an included turtleneck version (not shown). I found the jacket hiding in an upstairs corner of the REDGRAVE store with a price tag of L$ 450.  The over-all attention to detail in the stitching on the lapel and tail cut areas as well as the complimentary fit, make this jacket worth the climb, hunt, and price. 

Also upstairs but much easier to find was an incredibly versatile shirt/flexi-prim tie set. This pink with white dot pattern shirt is tint-able and can be worn in or out of the pants; out gives that relaxed look pictured here. This set also includes white prim cuffs (not shown) which match the tie and give the shirt a little more of a formal look. The set is a real find at L$ 400.

I searched for just the right pants to compliment the shirt and jacket and found them in Muism‘s Casual Trousers. In fact, I had hardly stepped into public my new pants before I was complimented on my “arse”! The trousers can be worn with or without an included flexi-prim belt. Well worth the L$ 300!

Finally, the shoes! I simply couldn’t be seen in “buddies”!, so I dropped into a cool L$ 600 and stepped into these sexy FNKY plain black loafers to complete his look. Not too much, not too little but oh the detail in a shoe so simple! It just screams casual elegance! Enjoy and let me know your feedback!