This is what June Dion has in mind when she was hand drawing the textures, including the buttons, for the Bare Rose Flare Coats.  Being a Tokyo girl myself, I find the winter here a little too chilly to wear just a coat so I have added a white polo neck shirt to the red coat emphasizing the wintry feeling.  Then I layered with black tights and warmed my feet with a pair of ankle boots. These are my favorite ankle boots, and the best matching shoes for this outfit because of it’s black leather.  The gold buckle and red sole on the boots give the overall outfit another touch.  Tokyo girls love accessories too, and to add chicness to the outfit I accessorized with a black & brown fur cape and a pair of leather gloves. I am thrilled to find the fur hat (comes with the blonde hair) that matches the overall outfit perfectly.

So it’s cold outside, but I am ready to hit the street with charm.

Tokyo Girl in Winter

I like to thank the following friends for their feedback on this ensemble:

June Dion, Liquer Felix, Moonaco Porta    

Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Hair: GAL Hair for L$160 from SHOP SEU

Coat: B@R Flare Coat for L$135 from Bare Rose

Polo Neck: Polo Neck Shirt/ White for L$250 from Muism 

Tights: Metalic Black Tights for L$95 from Armidi Limited & plain black tights for L$120 (set of 11) from from Creamshop

Shoes: Bitch Bootie (Black Heel) for L$875 from Stiletto Moody

Gloves: TaP Gloves Short (Black) for L$100 (set of 3 sizes) from Tete a Pied 

Fur Cape: Brown color (free christmas item) from Redgrave Women