Newly qualified model and fellow blogger Zuri Kattun certainly knows how to socialize in style. I bumped into her at recent fashion show and she looked stunning. Although she is juggling a busy workload (the life of a model is never dull!) she still had time for a little chat – such an obliging gal! So, for your eyes only….

white-lily-04-in-black.jpg white-lily-03-in-black.jpg

Shape: Custom

Skin: MM-Tan SkinGloss-Girl – $1150 by Minnu Model Skins
Glam World

Hair: Short Crop 2 – $100 by AVEDA
Aveda Institute

Eyes: MM-Gray Eyes – $50 by Minnu Model Skins
Glam World

Eyelashes: Photoshoot eyelashes – $100 by Minnu Model Skins
Glam World

Shoes: Tease White Shoes: $500 by Indyra Originals
Indyra Originals

Dress: August Lily Dress – $200 by Karamia

Hair accessory: Sculpted Pearl Rose Hair clip 2 – $90 by Swallowtail

Bracelet: Lily Bangle (white) – $150 by CREAMSHOP