One of the types of accessories that I enjoy wearing the most are corsages. And if you know the jewelry store, Swallowtail, you’ll know that they have a nice selection of corsages available in different colors. Just a couple of weeks or so ago, I spoke to the creator of Swallowtail, Natsuko Paravane, and asked if she could make a white corsage for her collection. Low and behold, she releases not one but two beautiful white corsages that fill my heart with desire! So let me introduce you to the newly released sculpted white corsages!

corsage take 3

To the left, you see the sculpted pearl rose corsage and to the right the sculpted white flower corsage. Both delicately crafted with such fine detail. Are they not beautiful? I want to thank Natsuko Paravane so, SO much for making these and I look forward to seeing more of her beautiful and unique jewelry creations. Be sure to check out her store. You won’t be disappointed!

corsages close up

Shape: Custom

Skin: MM-Tan SkinGloss-Girl – $1150 by Minnu Model Skins

Hair: Short Crop 2 – $100 by AVEDA

Eyes: MM-Gray Eyes (first version)- (Retired) by Minnu Model Skins

Eyelashes: Photoshoot eyelashes – $100 by Minnu Model Skins

Top: [Satin Ruffle Top]White – $350 by Muism

Corsages: Sculpted pearl rose corsage & Sculpted corsage white flower – $120 by Swallowtail