The normal 11th hour panic session preceded the event kick-off. I had left the texturing of the venue till the last minute. Amazing what a fab chic black marble texture can do. Guests walked a trail of red carpets and photo-op walls with logos featuring EFA, OnRez and First Meta logos. Then came into our themed Egyptian event hall. Guests were then greeted by beautiful bunny girls dressed by battered boudoir (Eloria Leshelle) and Szentasha Fashions (Jynne Salome). The show kicked off with a performance by a number of beautiful ballerinas and renditions of Swan Lake and then at 11AM, my platform descended.

My character for this event was an Egyptian princess, but I missed the male “slaves” I needed for my descent and since we had reached 98 high-ranking fashionistas before the start of the show and we were walking on the moon, I figured I would start without them. The script worked perfectly. Thanks to Jabba Aabye, except the chat and response lag of about two minutes presented a challenge few could dismiss. DJ Syriana streamed an arabesque tune called loving girl, which was perfect for the descent and opening of the show and dance – after which I changed into numerous colour variations of the the “Una” dress made by Simone Stern.

The turn out was simply AMAZING! Huds and tools had been taken off. It was either hair and clothes next, so after the sim crashed, the first thing we did was to get rid of the chairs – easier for the standing ovations, let say and it allowed us (some of use atleast) to keep our hair for the paparazzi within the crowd. A fantastic time was had by all and the three hour show was followed by a three hour party by Syriana Paine. Starr Singer with her amazing voice did join us for about 15 minutes, which was as also, an amazing pleasure! The event goodbag was sponsored by EarthStones (Abraxxa Anatine). Below is a run down of the presenters and winners and the event pictures by Tillie Ariantho.


The Results!

Category Single Category – Footwear

Presenter: Betty Doyle

Nominees: Infiniti Mirihi, Hagen DeSantis, Indira Bekkers, Deni Morigi, Ansor Hooorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson

Winner: Ansor Hooorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson   

Category: Single Category – Hair

Presenter: Laydeebird Chastity

Nominees: Sinnocent Mirabeau, Bryce Tully, Kitty Pidgeon, Digit Darkes, Leetah Moxie

Winner: Digit Darkes   

Category: Single Category – Jewelry

Presenter: Kirk Claymore

Nominees: Hibiscus Flossberg, Shaoshan Llanfair, Samantha Montagne, Kesseret Steeplechase

Winner: Hibiscus Flossberg

Category: Single Category – Hats

Presenter: Tempest Hennesy

Nominees: Reghan Straaf, Siyu Suen

Winner: Siyu Suen     

Category: Single Category – Skins

Presenter: GM Nikolaidis & Barbara Nicholls

Winner: Direct win for Charlotte Morellet   

Category: Casual Outfits 

 Presenter: GM Nikolaidis & Barbara Nicholls

Nominees: Lissa Maertens, Bryce Tully, Blu Laszlo, Alla Ruff

Winner: Alla Ruff  

Category: Outfits – Corporate Wear

Presenter(s): Miss Connie Molinaro and Miss Yvette Quijote

Nominees: Jupi Noel, SHAKA SAINTLOUIS, Indira Bekkers


Category: Outfits – Couture

Presenter(s): Frolic Mills

Nominees: kallyfaith Rolland, Betty Doyle, Cherry Tokyo, Samantha Montagne, Nessinger Loveless

Winner: Betty Doyle   

Category: Outfits – Evening

Presenter(s): Chez Nabob

Nominees: Jasmin Marquez, Ambergris Baphomet, Dress by Constanza Volare of Alchemy and shoes by Isobel DeSantis of Angels, Ann Otoole, Jessie Gervasi & JH Gervasi

Winner: Ann Otoole  

Category: Intimates

Presenter(s): Aleida Rhode and Miss Zuri Kattun

Nominees: Keylora DeSantis, Cattrina Careless

Winner: Cattrina Careless.  

Category: EFA Design Awards ’08 – Overall Winner 

Presenter(s): TheDiva Rokin

Nominees: Hibiscus Flossberg, Ansor Horenbeek and Limer Fredriksson, Alla Ruff, Betty Doyle, Ann Otoole Otoole

Winner: Alla Ruff