Freesoul - Jenny

After the glitz and glamour of the Ewing Fashion Agency Design Awards; the beautiful designs and accessories in a tremendously successful gala event, this little girl from the ‘hood needed a little time to step back, ground herself and chill. Haute couture and high mode weren’t always my way and, to be as successful as I try to be with those styles, it does well to remember where I came from: Just a lil’girl from SL-Lil Philly with a large, proud and successful, entrepreneurial family.

Here, I do my little bit of kickin’ back with help from this little treasure of a find courtesy of Infiniti Mirihi, who I had the pleasure meeting during rehearsals for the EFADA, called inimitably Design (Freesoul Design) .

This particular outfit is called Jenny. The thick neck-roll turtle neck sweater just lends to the feel of warm and comfortable; who says stylish has to be skimpy? It compliments the camouflage pants beautifully in a light grey/dark grey mixture. Accessorized with a warm deep grey scarf to match the pants and a bling-buckled belt, it gives perfect example of back home comfort… at least, back home for me. With one (sculpted) leg rolled up to the knee and the other falling to the ankle, this outfit can be worn with sneaker or, as I like to because I can’t get rid of the haute completely, ankle boots.

Hair: Mirai Style – .+*Bamb*+.Pearl

Skin: Minnu Model Skins – MMSTanDark-Lime

Shape: .::MADesigns::. – BEATRICE (modified)

Eyes: Redgrave – SANDS bigger iris 2 *REDGRAVE* (custom)

Jewelry: JEWELRY By Ramos Designs – *Women’s Big Silver Triple Hoop Earrings

Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Bitch Bootie (BB Black Heel)