I miss school.  I miss the days when a school bag was my permanent accessory and boys were the perennial topic.  So, I have taken the liberty to declare this week as a back to school week!  There are a lot of nice school outfits out there but I have my eyes set on this Redgrave Retro Jacket.  I stumbled across it in their men’s department.  The sporty pinstripe finishing is undoubtedly clean and academic.

I paired the jacket with a sheer black blouse for a mischievous feel and a black flexi skirt that comes with a brown belt.  Then, I layered a pair of white knee high knitted socks, added a pair of artistic brown pumps and completed the look with a pair of glasses (frame colored in Sienna).

The ETD Luth Tawny (Burnt) hair just enhances the freshness of this look.

I like to thank Decoy Nagy for his inputs on this ensemble.

 I Feel Academic

Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Jacket: Retro Jacket – Solo (from the Retro Jacket Set) for L$450 from Redgrave Men’s Department

Shirt: Sheer buttoned shirt (black) for L$90 from Persona

Skirt: Black flexi skirt (from the Sister Pernitence Set) for L$395 from Luminosity

Socks: Muism Knitted Socks for L$150 (per color set) from Muism 

Shoes: AC Vintish Shoes ART Brown for L$150 from Aphrodite Creations

Eyewear: PrimOptic Plume Glasses for L$299 from PrimOptic

Hair: Luth (Tawny Burnt) for L$25 (sales price) from ETD