It’s the weekend after the EFA Design Awards and we can all still feel the excitement about the fantastic show. If you missed the ceremony, don’t despair: Now is the perfect time to prepare for the next big fashion event. You can never go wrong with a nice, black tuxedo and this is one of the best.

Be Prepared!

You’ll look like a celebrity when you step out in this Tuxedo X Color from Tango NY. It features a beautifully textured, black silk neck tie and a stiffly starched white tuxedo shirt. The cut of the black jacket and pants is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age and this classic “Grammar” hairstyle from Armidi will have your fans swooning in the aisle. Finish the look with these elegant City Walk shoes from Shiny things and you’ll be more than ready for your next trip down the red carpet.

Tuxedo: Tango NY – Tuxedo X Color, black, L$ 490, no copy/mod/transfer

Shoes: Shiny Things – City Walk Shoes, black, L$ 300, copy/no mod/no transfer

Hair: Armidi Hair – The Grammar-Midnight Collection, Midnight I, L$ 295, copy/mod/no transfer