What to wear… what to wear? I was rummaging through my wardrobe the other day and I found an old wife beater and jeans that I hardly ever wear. I needed to add some accessories to transform this outfit from boring to brilliant.

Pimp My Wardrobe

You know what that means… SHOPPING! I headed over to monogrind where I found these kick a** boots. The color was a perfect match for the piping on the tank top. Then I looked for one of my favorite accouterments – a really cool belt. This checkerboard motif caught my eye because it was so unusual and it really added a lot of pizzazz to my ensemble. The barb wire gloves toughened up my look, so I softened it just a little with this delicately patterned scarf in a deep shade of gray. I chose a skin with heavy eyeliner to give it a brooding, emo flair. All that was left was a cutting edge hairstyle , which I finally found at Darkstar Designs. So, now you know the key to pimping up your wardrobe – accessorize with unique items and interesting patterns.


Hair: <DarkstarDesigns> ::Syd -Black- L$ 50 copy/mod/no transfer

Shirt/Jacket: Aitui – Sheer Tank Top /White/ L$ 60 no copy/no mod/transfer

Pants: Redgrave Men – Short Jeans Darkblue L$ 450 no copy/mod/transfer

Scarf: }monogrind{ soft skully scarf, L$ 136, copy/mod/no transfer

Belt: }monogrind{ f*cked up checked belt, L$ 173, copy/mod/no transfer

Gloves: }monogrind{ gauzes with barbed wire, L$ 125, copy/mod/no transfer

Boots: }monogrind{ classic brown boots, L$ 230, copy/mod/no transfer