February 2008

Your mystery shopper strikes again! Touring the shops and malls, so you don’t have to. Bringing you the thrills, the chills, the sales and that little tingle you get when you hear cha-ching after a purchase… or is that just me?

The Facts

Shop Name: Mimikri Hot Couture owned by Mimikri Kit & Sven Obler

Shop Category: Female Apparel (formal & casual) accessories, Shoes, Poses

Price Point: Average




There is a distinct lack of ethnic clothing designers in Second Life. Yet, Indian dresses are among the most detailed and beautiful you will find. Aradhana Voight is taking steps to change this and judging by her well stocked shops, she is doing a darned good job. I caught up with her this week to see where the inspiration behind her creations comes from and what she thinks about Second Life’s slowness to embrace Indian clothing.


LeeZu Baxter Designs is proud to announce the opening of  our brand new Main Store on our new island home. The island is called To The Nines and famed architect JeanRicard Broek has created a fantastic new look for our LBD Designers’ Village. 

The huge LBD main store has a full selection of  all our great designs plus we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new menswear line BOYS. 

Our top designers and artists will be making this move with us: Minnu Model Skins, Enkythings Shoes, Evely Lane Photography, Ewing Fashion Agency, Sky Hye Art and Nikolaidis photography with more to come in the near future.

The fun starts at 10AM Saturday morning the First of March and goes on until evening, ending with a spectacular fireworks show and dancing under the stars.  Some of SL’s top performers and DJ’s will be there for your entertainment.    At noon there will be a fashion show featuring LeeZu Baxter’s creations and MAD Agency Models. There will be an hourly prize drawing for one of her designs throughout the day.

In addition to the fine art shows at the Sky Hye and Nikolaidis Galleries the LBD Village is hosting a very special exhibit from eight of the top SL fashion photographers .  This exhibit will focus on how each artist sees a a model wearing LBD . 

Don’t miss the very special 100L LBD Limited Edtion dress created especially for the Kiva Organization.  Half of the proceeds from the sale of this dress will go to this wonderful international non-profit group giving micro loans that empower the poor in developing nations.

A Day In The Country

One of my favorite pastimes in Second Life is horseback riding. (more…)

This morning, news spread across the internet, television, news papers across Holland about FIRST FUSION – the simultaneous real-world, Second Life fashion which was hosted last night by the Ewing Fashion Agency at the First Meta Sim – who were also the main event sponsors. The sim packed out with SL fashionistas who clamoured to be part of this ground-breaking event! FIRST FUSION showcased the designs of real-world Amsterdam-based fashion designer Jennifer Delano, whose creative pieces featured items from around the world during the seasons. The team of SL designers who made it possible include the likes of Nicky Ree, Sysy Chapman, Indira Bekkers and Aphrodite Outlander, all of whom are well-known and recognised designers in Second Life, all of whom are dutch.


Before we jump into March, with more sun and higher temperatures outside, we still need to wear a coat to keep ourselves warm – well, I am not pointing at the lucky people living in the warmer sphere, who never need to wear a wintercoat. But you are of course welcome to visit those of us that live in the cold – and you can feel safe because we have a lots of nice fashionable winterwear out in the market. I am wearing a coat called Affair Coat from Paper Couture – I found it in OnRez and, once again, my lindens were gone – eek, but worth it. The coat texture is so awesome, that I for sure would have purchased it if I had found it in RL.



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