I just ADORE pink! Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I’ve worn it and I’m sure I’ll still be wearing it in my nineties – they’ll probably bury me in it. That’s why I simply had to stop model Tillie Ariantho and take some pics. Tillie’s been working for a range of small designers and modelling for EFA, Avenue and Nex-Core. Busy girl! How sweet of her to stop and share her dress secrets – well, I’m sure you’d want to know.

Get the Tillie look:

Hair: Kaori Brown (Hayate Ewing, H2L)

Lashes: Pandora Prim Lashes long (Damen Gorilla, Adam n Eve)

Eyes: Intense Sage Eyes green (Portia Sin, SinSkins)

Skin: Mima (Mallory Cowen, RaC)

Shape: <selfmade>


Earrings: Triste Coeur Earrings in Silver/Diamond (Caliah Lyon, Muse)

Jacket: Pink Border Hoody (SAZAE Yoshikawa, Creamshop)

Skirt: Regular Jean Skirt (Nyte Caligari, Nyte’N’Day)

Stockings: Nylons Stripes Fade Black (Sh Oluja, Sheer Stockings)

Shoes: Pink Pixie Suede Boots (Swaffette Firefly, SF Designs)