When I was exploring SL a couple of days ago, I visited a sim I had never been on before and I found a shop, lucky me. I couldn’t believe what I saw: Boots! omg, they were so cool that I had to transfer some more lindens to purchase…. oh no, not the whole shop, but 4 pair of boots in different colours and styles. The shop is called COPYKAT, owned by Ella Ireton, who also is the creator of these wonderful boots. I had a short chat with her and she told me that she is still pretty new, which is awesome.


No.1: COPYKAT Kenja black 500L

No.2: COPYKAT Mission platforms 500L


No.3: COPYKAT Desertrose black 400L

No.4: COPYKAT Sneakers platforms 400L

Don’t hesitate to have a look at this awesome shop because you will not only find boots but also pumps, jewelry and outside the shop, on your left, there are also various hair styles from the same designer. Have fun 🙂

LM for COPYKAT in-world shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Atlit/41/96/64