Elisne Allen isn’t just a beautiful face; besides stunning and enigmatic, she is also highly intelligent and deeply philosophical. This week’s Friday Feature had a chat with her about her work and recent accomplishment in SL Miss Universe where she was placed 2nd. She also talked about how it felt to be mistakenly announced as the winner.

Harriet Gausman: So, Elisne, how long have you been a part of this grand thing we call Second Life?

Elisne Allen: I joined Second Life in the end of June, taking part in this community was one of my best choices in life. People on here have actually made me a better person in real life.

Harriet Gausman: What did you do before you became a model and how long have you been modelling?

Elisne Allen: Well the first thing I did when I joined Second Life was to get my avatar looking as good as it could. I have always been interested in photography, so before I became involved in modelling I spent some time taking pictures, capturing second life.

Harriet Gausman: For those who dream of following in your footsteps, but are unsure of taking that first step, how difficult was it to get started and make a name for yourself in the business? What did you do to get where you are?

Elisne Allen: I don’t believe in following someone’s footsteps. Your life is planned in front of you. It’s just up to you to follow the path. As you walk along that path be sure to be you and treat everyone with respect and compassion. Everything I do in Second Life are things that I enjoy doing and I simply shared my passion for fashion, photography and modelling.


Harriet Gausman: It must have been thrilling and touching too, when you were chosen to represent Israel in the SL Miss Universe. Do you originate from Israel or is it that you feel a connection with the country?

Elisne Allen: It was both thrilling and touching indeed. A few months ago I met a very interesting man. He is the owner of the city Ir shalom, which is Second Life’s first Jewish city. As I am a Jew myself, I felt this bond between me and the city and all of its inhabitants. It was my honour to represent such a beautiful country like Israel.

Harriet Gausman: Over a thousand women submitted pictures and applications for SL Miss Universe, what made you enter the contest initially and did you feel you would reach the final?

Elisne Allen: I was shocked when I won the Miss Ir shalom contest. It was one of my proudest moments and made me a finalist directly. So I knew for some time I was one of the misses in the contest. It has truly been the best experience of my Second Life and when I made it to the final I was stunned and could not breathe. I cannot describe the breathtaking feeling going through your body.

Harriet Gausman: How long did it take to prepare for the pageant and what did the preparation entail?

Elisne Allen: As soon as all the finalists were announced I started working on my outfits. I looked everywhere for inspiration and I found the store International House of Style. Oryx Tempel makes the most amazing national costumes I have ever seen. When I went searching for a gown I knew exactly what I wanted. Indyra Siego’s design turned out fabulous, she is a truly talented designer.

Harriet Gausman: The first part of the pageant was the introduction of the contestants wearing ensembles that were re-creations of clothing from the countries being represented. Tell us a little about the creation you wore.

Elisne Allen: My national costume was Israeli silks with pearls, a belt and a necklace. On the belt was the Star of David. Oryx Tempel and I spent hours talking over how it should look. And we agreed on the colour white, as it was the best colour for my skin. I also used the shoes from Rebel Hope’s Cleopatra outfit, as I believe they matched the dress perfectly.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any say in the design? I would think that the gowns were created to both represent the country and also to express the personality of the wearer; is that the case?


Elisne Allen: Well of course I had a say in the design. Both of the designers of my costume and gown are two people I trust a lot. When designing the gown I thought about what colours would fit and how it would reflect my personality. Indyra Seigo performed a fantastic job and I could not be more pleased. I felt honoured to have a dress named after me.

Harriet Gausman: It must have been particularly nerve-wracking during the question time as some of the most accomplished people in SL were sitting on the panel and you were surrounded by reporters, television crews, not to mention a large audience. Had you thought about the sort of questions you might be asked or did you just say the first thing that came to you at that moment?

Elisne Allen: I always speak by heart and everything I say is what I believe in. When they told me I was one of the 5 finalists, I actually took a run to the kitchen and got myself 5 glasses of ice cold water. It was nerve-wracking at first, but I cooled down. I thought to myself to take the time I needed. I was lucky to have my best friend calming me down in IM, telling me to relax and that I was over the initial hurdle of being in the 5 finalists and to say what I truly believed in.

Harriet Gausman: During the final announcement there was a sim crash. Do you think this helped cause the confusion that led to you being mistakenly announced as the winner?

Elisne Allen: Announcing me as a winner was a media mistake, which was caused by the sim crash. I can’t hold anyone responsible and I will admit, I was a little shocked at everyone congratulating me on winning (upon returning and waiting in the neighbouring sim border). It all happened so quickly and I was in a state of shock to be honest. When the official announcement was made, I was disappointed like anyone would expext, but I didn’t get too down as I had my friends there regardless of whether I won or lost and their support was tremendous at that time. Overall, it was a memorable night and I ran through the whole gamut of emotions and I believe it has made me grow as a person.

Harriet Gausman: You were quoted in the AvaStar as saying “It’s all about focusing on the positive things in your life. I didn’t win the house or the money, but I didn’t go home empty-handed. It’s all good” How did you really feel?


Elisne Allen: “It’s all about focusing on the positive things in your life. I didn’t win the house or the money, but I didn’t go home empty-handed. It’s all good” Those words are from me. I believe that what happens is meant to happen, so this was meant to be like this. I am truly happy for Babyhoney. By not going home empty handed, I want everyone to know that I meant I got the chance a lot of people dream of (by being involved in this pageant) and in doing so, I was able to meet many amazing people. I also solidified existing friendships, in that I had my friends there in the crowd cheering me on. So in the end, I move away from this experience a better person, which is all anybody can ever ask from any experience they have in their life.

Harriet Gausman: It was a great accomplishment and you must be so proud. What can we expect from you in the future?

Elisne Allen: Thank you! It was one of my proudest moments, something I will always remember. You will see me doing what I enjoy doing, taking my passions to the next levels.

Harriet Gausman: Finally, any tips for those wishing to follow in your footsteps?

Elisne Allen: Be yourself and don’t give up. Remember, the brain makes the person.