I just can’t wait to tell you all about a brand new men’s store called “Valiant.” The designer, Wavie Haller, is extremely talented and he has come out with a truly stunning line of clothing. His textures are crisp and detailed and all of his items are augmented with just the right amount of prim attachments. It seems like he can make almost anything from jeans to jewelry. So head down to Valiant everyone…I know that you will be wild about Wavie too!


This outfit shows off some of Wavie’s best items. The open biker jacket is worn over a casual, stone colored sweater. A pair of well-worn jeans and a relaxed, two day stubble help to dress this look down, while the shades lend a touch of mystery and glamour. Add a great, all purpose bag and these black boots from Redgrave and you’ll be perfectly dressed for a day on the town.


The following items can all be found at Valiant unless otherwise noted:

Sunglasses: Dusk Sunglasses L$200 (No Copy)

Bag: Brown Suede Power Bag L$250 (No Copy)

Jacket: Open Biker Jacket L$250 (No Copy)

Shirt: Stone Cardigan with Shirt L$225 (No Copy)

Pants: Blue Atari Denim Jeans L$250 (No Copy)

Shoes: Redgrave – Black Boots L$450 (No Copy, No Modify)

Hair: Gurl 6 – Bang L$195 (No Transfer)