I came across Emeriselle’s shop during one of my weekly research expeditions. I was impressed by the quality and the fact that she had incorporated both traditional Asian fashion, such as Kimonos, fans, Getas etc., with the more modern every day designs.

“While it is a unique market, I have tried to keep it fresh with modern touches and found it does appeal to a variety of people”, says Emeriselle. I have to say that I agree.

Go see for yourself, by visiting Emeriselle’s store – Orchid Dreams

Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Emeriselle Theas: I started designing around August 2007. I couldn’t find any fans that I loved… most were made with alpha textures and a handful of prims. Fans really started it all for me – so I made my first Asian hand fan – I think it was around 51 prims and went from there.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Emeriselle Theas: Well in RL I work in design & architecture, so I do apply a lot of those concepts to building in SL. However I am happier here designing fashion than I am when trying to design homes. Little prims make me happy.


Harriet Gausman: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?

Emeriselle Theas: The beautiful brocades, silks and patterns from Japan. I am very touchy with fabrics and love the texturing and delicate threads that we can find.

I am also very inspired by the concepts some of the retro designers in SL give us like Betty Doyle… I’m humbled by the texturing and shading of Nicky Ree, Ginny Talmasca and I am appreciative of the historical Asian patterning of Hatsune Yoshikawa of Flower and Willow.

For primwork, I am awed by Random Calliope. I respect his all prim designs and the heart and soul he puts into each creation.


Harriet Gausman: How would you describe your collection?

Emeriselle Theas: My genre is pretty much Asian fashion – mostly traditional Japanese wear – Kimonos, fans, geta (Japanese footwear) but I really think I have my own point of view.

I’m not a costume maker. I don’t make perfect historical reproduction of say Edo Japan Fashion. I take the concepts and add my own modern touches – I often feel my items have a sense of retro flair that makes them more current and fun. And with my Orchid Dreams N.O.W. line, I have taken those Asian fabrics and created Asian inspired everyday wear.

A dear friend of mine here said, “It’s SL; it should be fun!” and I feel that gives me the liberty to make things my own.


Harriet Gausman: Who do you think buys your items?

Emeriselle Theas: Well the Geisha community of SL really support me, but I am surprised to see my designs selling to your everyday fashionista! I think while my items are made for a specific genre, they really have a mainstream appeal. And in SL, we can wear whatever we want!!

Harriet Gausman: Where do you see yourself headed in terms of business and design?

Emeriselle Theas: This is a passion for me and a business. I am constantly working to improve my designs and textures as far as shading and light, and am happy in my workshop exploring primwork for new and exciting hair, footwear and fans.

I’d like to continue to integrate this Asian style with traditional and modern looks and really have more to offer to the mainstream consumer in Second life.

I am also excited to offer the historical perspective of Kimonos with a new museum I am opening.

Orchid Dreams