To introduce the new sim and store of Simone Stern, Ewing Fashion Agency will be holding a fashion show featuring her new range of lingerie. INFO HERE

I managed to grab Simone, whilst she was dashing from one store to the next, to ask her a few burning questions about the new venture. Well, I knew you would all be dying to know!


Harriet Gausman: So, tell us a little about your new store; what will you be specialising in?

Simone Stern: Style Starts Here is a casual wear store for both men and women based around the notion that people should be able to put together their own look from separate pieces, much as one would find in a mall store. The items for the most part are single pieces, made on layers so that they can be put together with your favorite pair of jeans, or other items not especially designed to go with each other.

Harriet Gausman: What made you decide to take this avenue?

Simone Stern: Well, it really isn’t a different avenue than the one I’ve been walking. It’s an extension of the previous work.


Harriet Gausman: It must have been a monumental task, how long has it taken and who have you worked with in order to finish it?

Simone Stern: I’ve been working on this project for about 4 months off and on while working on other projects. The build here is the work of one of the most talented artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, Rez Menoptra. The scripting projects are the brain children of Stephen Psaltery. Alexandra Nichols has also been an integral part of making this store happen, both in the planning and actualization stages.


Harriet Gausman: I notice that you have introduced a new system for loyal customers. Would you like to expand; I’m sure our readers would love to know.

Simone Stern: The rewards system is the work of Stephen Psaltery. It works like camping chairs, except people earn store credits toward clothing. Unlike camping systems, they can’t ‘zombie out’. Every thirty minutes, the scripting pops them off the seats, and they have to re-take their seats to continue getting credit. We strongly encourage people to participate who like socializing with others, so we looked for ways to make sure that people are ‘here’ while they sit around and visit.


Harriet Gausman: You are currently working with Ewing Fashion Agency on a show to introduce your new line of clothing. Can you tell us little about your new creations?

Simone Stern: Style Starts Here is about comfortable casual clothes. Items like worn jeans, and simple sun dresses and detailed T-tops and casual shirts, and of course, lingerie, are the focus of the store.

Harriet Gausman: …and what can we expect from Simone in the future?

Simone Stern: More goodies, of course! An expended focus on menswear in the Style Starts Here store, a rebuild of the Simone! store..and more than these… well, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.