This week I am honored to have two reputable Second Life stylists, my mentors as well as dear family members, Moonaco Porta and Sawyer Campese, sharing their valentine’s outfits and love formula with us.

Sawyer and Moon have been dating in SL since August 2007. It is clear that they are one very happy and loving couple. The reason for this is apparent when passionate kissing is a necessity in their daily life. “It’s like SL air, SL water, SL bread, it nourishes our bonds.” Moon describes. “I like SL air.” Sawyer chimes.

And when asked about one thing that have kept their love growing, “It’s trust and (we have) no doubts about each other.” says Sawyer. “It’s our mutual sensitivity. Sawyer makes me feel special everyday. Everything he does and says nourish my love to him” adds Moon. This couple is so in tune and easy going with each other you could just literally feel their love even in their IMs or when they are not speaking (in this case typing).

Most importantly, Moon and Sawyer share the same dream – that’s to make LE.LOOK! (a group founded by both of them) a successful and unique fashion and style information group, bringing the best SL has to offer to it’s members and clients.

What can I say?! This golden couple, so much in love, has so much to give and offer.

I like to thank Moon and Sawyer for being EFA guests, participating in our Valentine’s Day series. ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and have a smacking good one! Remember, love is joy; love is trust; love is inspiration; and always true love is to love each other for who they are.

Les Amoureux

In the photo, Moonaco is wearing a romantic and classy Magenta Shai Swirly Beaded Gown while Sawyer paired it with a smart Classic Armidi Italia Black Suit.

Les Amoureux 2

On Moonaco

Shape: Custom (Reshaped by Sawyer Campese of LE.LOOK!) – IM Sawyer for appointment

Skin: Alina Sienna Red Lipstick for L$1400 from Naughty

Dress: Shai Swirly Beaded Gown (Magenta) for L$650 from Casa Del Shai

Earrings: RH Engel Diamond Journey Earrings – Gold for L$250 from !Rebel Hope

Bracelet: XOXO Cortillion Diamond Bracelet for L$100 from Caroline’s Jewelry

Shoes: Leather Vixen (Candy) for L$349 from TESLA

Hair: Europa (Blonde) Flexi Hair for L$300 from Cake

Eye Lashes: Flutter Lashes for L$100 from Cake

On Sawyer

Shape: Custom (Shaped by Sawyer Campese of LE.LOOK!) – IM Sawyer for appointment

Skin: Scorpio_Ra [1]C Body Hair for L$2,000 from TheAbyss

Suit: Gisaci Classic Italia Men Suit (Black) for L$525 from Armidi

Tie: Gisaci Classic Italia Men 3-Tier-Set (Gold) for L$88 from Armidi

Shoes: Style Penny (Black) for L$600 from FKNY!

Hair: Modern Edge (Sable) for L$300 from Naughty

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