This will be the first of several installments, showcasing items that have significantly impacted the customization of our avatars in one way or another. Items that truly make our avatars unique in a world of perpetual beauty and monotony. I decided to write about prim eyelashes first, for I feel they are a definite must in every woman’s inventory. Prim lashes succeed where system eyelashes (the eyelashes SL so nicely gave us) fail. They provide femininity, distinction and most of all realism. I have compiled a list of several places to purchase eyelashes, hopefully this can help you pick a pair that works for you.

Azar lashes cs

They sell for One Hundred lindens for a pair

Celestial Studios

Azar lashes Minnu

One hundred lindens per pair.


Azar lashes rac

300 lindens per pack for these lashes


Azar Zsazsa lashes
The prices range from 90 lindens to 50 lindens per pair.