I am your Mystery Shopper, teleporting across the metaverse, reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly in shopping experiences. Most of us need to shop, some of us love to shop and a few of us have turned it into an art form. I will give you the real story on what shops to try, where to buy and what stores you should invite your friends over to. Because we all want the best in exchange for our shopping Linden.

The Facts

Shop Name: InStyle owned by Mayline Jewell

Shop Category: Female apparel, accessories, beauty (formal, casual, shoes, bags, hair, eyes)

Price Point : Average


Rating Scale (in shopping bags )

  • 1 – Disliked
  • 2 – Needs Improvement
  • 3 – Good
  • 4 – Very Good
  • 5 – Loved it/Amazing!

General Environment

  • Nice building, easy to find the entrance upon arrival check2

  • Decor is elegant and organized check2
  • Lag is minimum check2
  • Music is Soft Rock
  • Ease of navigation check2

Customer Services

  • Level of Knowledge: no in-store associates
  • Interest in Helping: not applicable
  • Did they suggest anything new: pictures suggested different variations check2
  • Availability: the designer is available via IM or a notecard if she is not online
  • Demos are only available for skins at $L 1 (One of my pet hates. Is this really necessary now that the transaction history allows one to track L$ 0 value transactions?)
  • Freebies to check general quality are available check2
  • Notecards with service info check2
  • Communication in the form of an update group in-world check2
  • Models wearing attire for sale so that people can see them on (but no live models)
  • Refund Policy: no clear return policy
  • Permissions are no copy or modify, but transferring is allowed (always great for gifts)
  • Custom work includes color change check2
  • Pose stands available check2


  • Variety: there was some variety check2
  • Versatility: outfits can be worn different ways check2
  • Color choices: yes check2
  • Quality was good check2
  • Matching acessories available check2


  • Contents of the pack: landmarks, picture of the outfit, product information notecards (where necessary).
  • Purchase delivery method: in folders check2
  • Item Naming: items were descriptively named check2
  • For outfits with 4 variations: they are consistently named, packaging matching check2

In Style is owned by Luriel Jewell. Upon arriving, I was delighted as the store rezzed before me. The entrance was beautifully landscaped and the door was large and inviting. The store is elegantly decorated in a silver, black and white theme with an urban brick back drop. Though the shiny white floor did make my boots disappear. Music was a nice blend of soft-rock easy listening songs that seemed to match the decor, but didn’t disturb my concentration as I shopped. In the entrance, you can find two free items and join the update group.

Inside you will find formal and casual apparel, bathing suits, shoes, bags and a selection of skin and eyes. I could easily view the whole store from the entrance and plan my attack. Navigation was simple and there was a minimum amount of lag, which made my shopping experience smooth. I only needed the alt-zoom to pick up greater detail. Items were pictures on large displays, with beautiful models in various fun poses. Many outfits were shown in different variations and offered in a variety of colors, though fat packs were not available. Some outfits included matching apparel. There are pose stands available scattered through the store for a little less than private way to check out your new outfit.

Your purchase is delivered to your inventory in a convenient folder that includes a store landmark, a picture and product information notecards where necessary. A quick click-pay buying method was simplified, although it is initially not obvious what you are getting in your package until you pay. Skin demos were available for only 1L. Though prices were not shown on the picture they were available when you hovered. I found the selections affordable, with outfits below 350L and skins at 799L. InStyle also offers a store card for gifts or personal use.

Though there was no in-store help or notecards, information in the designer’s profile was available. Items are transferable and can be offered in a different color by request. There was no written refund policy. The owner is available via IM or notecard if she is not online. There is an update group found by searching InStyle under groups.

The owner of InStyle has succeeded in creating a streamlined shopping experience. I enjoyed looking at the new styles and the versatile suggestions of each outfit.

I give InStyle an overall customer shopping experience rating of

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Shopping tip: Anyone can get caught up in a shopping frenzy, but be sure to check your inventory to make sure all your purchases were delivered to you each time you pay.

Happy Shopping!