Venice… the very name invokes an aura of of beauty, mystery and romance. It is the perfect setting for showcasing this elegant costume from Bare Rose. I realize this is not something you will get a chance to wear every day, but you will certainly stand out from the crowd at the next fancy masquerade ball or costume party you attend.


The costume has amazing details. The flowing cloak is adorned with a swath of flexi feathers, which is repeated at the edges of an unusually shaped black and gold mask. The high waisted jacket and striped trousers are reminiscents of another era – an impression that is strengthened by the addition of the over-sized collar, bow tie and classic white gloves. My only criticism is that fitting the various prim pieces might be a little difficult for beginners, but once achieved, the overall effect is quite spectacular. Like the city of Venice, you will leave an impression of enchantment and fantasy in the minds of everyone who sees you.


Costume: Barerose – “Phantom” L$130 (No Copy)

Shoes: FKNY – Buckle Black L$ 600 (No Transfer)

Hair: FKNY – Cruise L$300 (No Transfer)