Instead of my usual procedure of interviewing new designers and taking pictures of their featured items, I decided I would try the ‘sneak, dash and run‘ tactic – where I sneak into the store, dash around taking pics and run out the door before anyone sees me. That way I can say what I want without feeling the least bit guilty. Only joking, of course. I always write the truth.


This week I decided I would visit the store Analise, having heard so much about it recently. When I arrived at the sim on Talana Island, I was met with the most beautifully designed sandstone building, rich with mystique and romance. With it’s huge pillars and peaking domes, I felt I was in another place, another time – Arabian Nights eat your heart out.


The store itself, was much the same – simply stunning, carpeted with the most wonderful selection of Persian delights. I too was delighted, when I found the most extraordinarily beautiful collection of silks; rich in colour and texture. Model Rinka Watanabe is seen wearing one of Talyn Barrett’s creations in the picture above.


The store seemed to go on and on with one beautiful garment after the next. I began to wish I had another avatar who could become an Eastern goddess, until I spied an arched doorway that seemed to call to me. As I peeked through the doorway, I was surprised to find the most beautiful selection of bridal and formal wear.


Much to my surprise, I might add. But hey, surprises can be good sometimes.


Visit Analise and you too, may get more than just a little Eastern promise.