I applaud Sandy Clymer’s (Pillow Talk’s creator) courage and positive attitude towards handling her surgery. She refers to removing a huge tumor in her brain as a “lil” surgery. Before Sandy logged off , she made sure that assistance continues to be available for her customers. I especially like her last notice that says “keep me alive guys. I will see you again soon ;)”. It’s full of hope and life; and Sandy has chosen to continue to put a smile on her face instead of crying over her misfortune.

Inspired by Sandy, I have put together this outfit to make that statement. The key piece of this ensemble is a white Emery tank top that shouts “Choose Life”. I paired the top with a black and white stripy shirt and layered black tights. Then, I accessorized it with a wood beaded bracelet, as well as a brown leather necklace that comes with a surfboard pendant.

Lastly, I completed the look with a brown scarf (comes with curly hair) and a pair of white/silver heel.

As I conclude this article, a group notice from Sally came in and I love this one even more. It says “*surgery results* Ninty five to ninty eight percent of tumor removed. Cancerous but contained in brain. Treatable, so I can live a long strong minded live. Life is sweet to me ;)”

Welcome back Sandy!! I, too, feel alive and ready to play.


Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew for L$4000 from RaC

Shirt 1: Fashionista Top for L$150 from Emery

Shirt 2: *CS*Felon Stripey Top from Celestial Studios

Tights: Metalic Black Tights for L$95 from Armidi

Necklace: M.R.M & Analog Surf Collaboration Surfboard Necklace by M.R.M Factory (item coming soon to store)

Bracelet: Surf Wood & Metal Beaded Bracelet (XX) for L$100 from M.R.M Factory

Shoes: Opienelle White with Silverheel for L$325 from Storm Schmooz

Hair: [NB] Black Pearl – “Scarf Hair” for L$250 from Naughty

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