My absolute favourite place for shopping is Mischief Cove. I love the sunshine, the sea, the boardwalk… and the shops aren’t too bad either. On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon this week, I ventured out for a stroll and spotted model Graciana McMillan milling about, looking like the cat that got the cream. I managed to drag her away from the boutiques for a quick chat. She’s such a doll, totally sweet and obliging. She let me take some snaps with no quarrel at all – what a love!


Graciana keeps herself occupied working on the shoe blog “On Your Toes” with Anessa Stine and Joel Eilde – they do shoe features and a weekly roundup. As far as modelling goes, she is fortunate enough to be able to do runway and magazine work. Graciana also spends her time working on the creative team at FACES and is really hoping to be more involved in that in the future.

Graciana’s passion is SL photography and when she’s not modelling, she takes pictures for friends. “I’m a sort of amature photographer” she says; but she intends to do more professional work in the future. She recently took some pics for the upcoming Sexy Second Magazine and is waiting with bated breath to see which photos they will finally choose.


Phew… In addition to all of this, Graciana also works as a CRS at ETD. She’s some busy lady! Hey, did you just eat a sneaky ice cream behind my back, Graciana? Come on, back to work.


Hair: ETD Trinitee – Espresso from ETD

Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Peach – Smoky) from Celestial Studios

Top: TaP Octobre Undershirt/Dress Top/Belt from Fleur Skins

Pants: High Waist Trouser Shorts in Black from Muism

Tights: Opaque Tights in Merlot from Fleur Skins

Socks: Knit Knee socks in charcoal from Shiny Things

Bag: Black Suade Hobo Bag from Celestial Studios

Boots: Sara Square Toe Boot in Black from SLink