Last week I had a group photoshooting, where everyone was supposed to wear a white shirt and blue jeans. That sounds easy but after going through my clothing folder, I realized that finding a simple outfit like that can be a very difficult task.

The White Shirt Issue

So there were two things given. A white shirt and blue jeans. I remembered a shirt I once saw in Aitui and combined it with a tight blue jeans from Indigo with folded pant cuffs attachments. Then I headed to Jeepers Creepers to get their new Shanghai shoes, which I always wanted to buy anyway. But I still had the feeling there was something missing. That means I had to find some accessories and thinking about accessories, Head-Toe came into my mind. I’ve just been there the day before and remembered a nice scarf whith a black tartan pattern. Together with the black stallion belt in a vendor next to the scarf it made my outfit complete. The issue I once had wasn’t an issue anymore but a great look for my next group photo.

Scarf: H-T – Bucci Scarf/black tartan, L$ 60, copy/mod/no transfer

Shirt: Aitui – Tie-Up Shirt/white, L$ 100, no copy/no mod/transfer

Belt: H-T – Stallion Belt/black, L$ 70, copy/mod/no transfer

Pants: Indigo Menswear – Saturated Denim, L$ 225, copy/mod/no transfer

Shoes: JCS – Shanghai/black-steel, L$ 400, no copy/no mod/transfer