Stop content theft   On the occasion of Minnu Palen’s “Future of Second Life” video release, I want to add my voice to the protest against content theft in Second Life. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, many of the most talented designers have had their textures stolen from clothing, skins, hair and anything else you can imagine of.

This problem isn’t new and it will continue to grow as the popularity of Second Life increases. To our sadness, many designers you know and love are thinking about leaving Second Life once and for all rather than watch their creations being stolen and then resold by others.

It is in your hands to put an end to this and help your beloved designers. The solution is very simple – don’t buy rip offs. Doing so will only encourage the thieves to continue their hideous work. Always make sure the products in the shops you visit are by the actual seller. Don’t be afraid to ask around if you feel unsure.

Ultimately, we are all affected by this situation, even those of us who are just consumers. So, everyone who loves Second Life needs to make a stand and join the fight to protect rights in the user created world. We all must be united against content theft or else the future of Second Life will be unbearable.

You can watch Minnu Palen’s video below.