It’s time to leave the quiet, residential sims you’re used to and head out into the great unknown. Second Life is filled with fascinating places to see. When you go exploring, you’ll need a look that is as adventurous as you are. I found this safari outfit at a shop called Zoo. I really liked the camouflage colors and the rough ‘n ready look of the shirt/vest combination. I had in mind something that was part “Crocodile Dundee” and part “Indiana Jones,” so i went looking for some accessories that would help create that impression. I found this great hat (with attached hair) at Moderno and these crocodile skin boots at Redgrave. Lastly, I found this awesome Excavation Tool Belt from Relic. It had every gadget and tool I could ever want and it looked great too. So get out there guys and have an adventure to remember!


Hair: Moderno – Keith L$150 (No Transfer)

Outfit: The Zoo – Safari L$350 (No Transfer)

Belt: Relic – Excavation Tool Belt – Complete Set L$500 (No Transfer)

Shoes: Redgrave-Croco-Leather Brown L$200 (No Copy)