I was shopping around in Casa Del Shai when I suddenly looked at their new release section and saw this beautiful white gown! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also a bridal gown! Yes, I know last week I made a blog about a diamond ring I got. No, it doesn’t mean I am getting married, but where is the harm in buying one? Especially this one, which is so versatile that it can be worn right on the red carpet or out on the dance floor. The prim puffy adornment is to die for! And the shape of the gown is just beautiful. The red gloves bring a hint of color to the ensemble and don’t wash it out. If you are not getting married and have been thinking of a good reason to buy a bridal gown, Casa Del Shai can give you an excuse. Go and get yours today, ladies!

Shape: CustomSkin: MM-Tan SkinGloss-Tropical – $1150 by Minnu Model Skins
Hair: Naomi in Platinum – $150 by ETD
Eyes: MM-Gray Eyes (first version)- (Retired) by Minnu Model Skins
Eyelashes: Photoshoot eyelashes – $100 by Minnu Model Skins
Gown: Gorecki Bridal Gown – $800 by Casa Del Shai