I have always struggled to give a straightforward answer whenever someone asked me about my style. I love punk but will never venture into spiky accessories. I like sexy but not too revealing. I am also chic, sleek and at times preppy. Really! I don’t have a fixed style and I wear what I feel comfortable in.

This week, in my last blog post with EFA, I thought I’d put together a few ensembles and let you be the judge.

Final - Dresses

From left to right: [Hair: Cake, Top & Skirt: Last Call, Boots: Stiletto Moody] [Hat & Hair: Muism, Top: Last Call, Skirt: Muism, Bracelet: M.R.M Factory, Socks: Haalsa Hallard, Shoes: Armidi] [Hair: Cake, Dress: Nonna Hedges; Necklace & Brooch: Muse, Bracelet: RH Engel, Shoes: Redgrave]

Final - Pants

From left to right: [Hair & Bandana: Muism, Top: Armidi, Capris: Untone Quilt, Cuff: FKNY!, Socks: Persona, Shoes: Maitreya] [Hair: Maitreya, Jacket: Grandma!, Shirt: Mischief, Pants: Dutch Touch, Shoes: Digit Darkers] [Hair: ETD, Top: Dutch Touch, Necklace & Pants: Bare Rose, Scarf: Muism, Shoes: Redgrave, Bracelet: Atui]

I like to thank Una Ewing for offering me such a great exposure as a fashion blogger and now as a writer with the Alta Moda magazine. Not once has Una doubted my capabilities and that has helped build my confidence in the fashion world. Thank you Una!

I’d also like to thank those of you that have followed my weekly posts. I will continue blogging in my new job with Muism, so feel free to check out Muism’s fashion blog.

Till we meet again, “Je te souhaite une bien belle vie.”