During a recent shopping expedition to the city I was lucky enough to bump into model Kryptonia Paperdoll. We chatted about the shops, the weather and the price of linden and then Kryptonia invited me to join her on a bike ride. Already feeling like a blob after my Valentine’s night food binge, I acquiesced.



Kryptonia is multi-lingual and multi-talented, so it seems. She builds custom houses, shops and buildings, designs furniture, jewellery, shoes, skins and clothes; she teaches classes in two languages (English and German) and is Co-founder of the International Learning Center in Afton. She also makes time to work as an Interior Designer – and has already done some work for Sunbelt, Language Lab and Xerox. Did I also mention she works as a volunteer Mentor and Linguist – you’ll mainly find her on Help Island and Afton.
Phew…after all that she still has time to host events – Slingo and Build Your Skills/Guess a Prim Games and…
she is a passionate Model, who coordinates shows, trains models and teaches runway. Give me some of what Kryptonia is on! Anyway, I was so excited about taking that bike ride until I realized what sort of bike, Krytonite…I mean Kryptonia meant. Ooh, is that the time already?
Get some kryptonite with Kryptonia:
Outfit:REACTION Heartbreaker Outfit
Hairs: ETD Nadia Chocolate/ETD Ashley Chocolate
Shoes: Strut Monkey Kickers at Bubblefish
Skin: Splashing Doll Lykka c1 Cranberry at Hot Silly Peppers Lab
Necklace: K&M Haggar Pendant by Mango Splash at Hot Silly Peppers Lab