This morning, news spread across the internet, television, news papers across Holland about FIRST FUSION – the simultaneous real-world, Second Life fashion which was hosted last night by the Ewing Fashion Agency at the First Meta Sim – who were also the main event sponsors. The sim packed out with SL fashionistas who clamoured to be part of this ground-breaking event! FIRST FUSION showcased the designs of real-world Amsterdam-based fashion designer Jennifer Delano, whose creative pieces featured items from around the world during the seasons. The team of SL designers who made it possible include the likes of Nicky Ree, Sysy Chapman, Indira Bekkers and Aphrodite Outlander, all of whom are well-known and recognised designers in Second Life, all of whom are dutch.

The show, which was filmed by Ze Moo of Meta.Live.Nu was simply amazing to experience and be part of. The beautiful SL models battled against the lag at the sim caused by the 100 people present, whilst the the real-world models battled against their nerves and the cold on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The collection was simple and elegant, featuring beautifully textured gowns by the team of designers who have been an inspiration to work with.


A very excited Jennifer Delano spoke to the dutch press after the show, whilst the SL designers took part in a meet the designers interview that happened right after the show on stage. The event has received wide coverage in and out of the SL media community. History in the making? Perhaps! perhaps not, but we certainly broke new ground in the ways in which fashion can be promoted and marketed in-world and out of world.

Miss Delano commented: “The first Second Life / Real Life Show at the Balie, Amsterdam was great. The models we’re beautiful, walked their walk and the dresses fitted really good. I was really curious how the dresses would fit at the models. But they we’re exactly like I hoped it would. There we’re a couple of tv stations filming. AT5 made a newsitem yesterday. Check it at Met vriendelijke groet” – Jennifer Delano

We were proud to be part of this and would like to thank all parties, including the four designers, the Artist Advice and our main event sponsor, First Meta.

Please find below some of the press references we found. Enjoy!

AT5 Television or direct link

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