A Day In The Country

One of my favorite pastimes in Second Life is horseback riding. I really enjoy getting out in the countryside and just racing around, but I realized recently that I didn’t have any stylish looking outfits for this activity. I wanted something traditional and elegant; the kind of thing an English gentleman would wear to a fox hunt. Quite by chance, I saw exactly what I was looking for in a little shop called “Rooster.” I loved the flat, grey cap and the black blazer and sweater combo immediately. To keep the outfit from looking too drab, I opted for a pair of tight white jeans and some fun riding boots from JCS. The riding crop comes with the boots and has a slapping animation and sound effects.


Hair/Hat: Rooster – Flat Cap Hemp/black, L$ 200, copy/mod/no transfer

Jacket/Sweater: Rooster – The Alley Walker/black, L$ 250, copy/no mod/no transfer

Jeans: Iki – Skinny Jeans/white, L$ 50, copy/modify/no transfer

Boots/Crop: JCS – Giddyap Black Riding Boots, L$ 300, no copy/no mod/transfer