Your mystery shopper strikes again! Touring the shops and malls, so you don’t have to. Bringing you the thrills, the chills, the sales and that little tingle you get when you hear cha-ching after a purchase… or is that just me?

The Facts

Shop Name: Mimikri Hot Couture owned by Mimikri Kit & Sven Obler

Shop Category: Female Apparel (formal & casual) accessories, Shoes, Poses

Price Point: Average


Rating Scale (in shopping bags Shopping bag)

1 – Disliked

2 – Needs Imporvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it/ Amazing!

General Enviornment Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag

  • First Impression – Entrance was clear and open check2
  • Decor – original check2
  • Lag was very minimal check2
  • Music – ambient
  • Navigation – easy to move around check2

Customer Service Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bag

  • Level of Knowledge (no-in store associates)
  • Interest in helping (not applicable)
  • Availability – Owners are available for questions check2
  • Did they suggest anything new? Pictures were used to suggest different variations check2
  • Demos (Not applicable)
  • Freebies to check general quality are available check2
  • Store info displayed
  • Communication – in-world update group & online blog check2
  • Models wearing attire for sale so you can see them on (no live models)
  • Refund Policy – no clear return policy
  • Permissions are – system clothes, transfer. Prim skirts and attachments, mod & trans. Shoes, copy. Belts, mod & copy.
  • Custom work not offered
  • Pose stands are available check2

Selection Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag

  • Variety was very good check2
  • Versatility, outfits can be worn in different ways check2
  • Color choices in most ensambles check2
  • Matching accesories available check2

Packaging Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag

  • Contents of pack – purchase, landmark, some included accesories check2check2
  • Purchase delivery method in folders check2
  • Item naming – items were descriptive, for outfits with multiple colors and variations are consistently named, package matching etc. check2

Mimikri Hot Couture is owned by Mimikri Kit and Sven Obler. It has an old feeling with it’s weathered painted wood fascade and wrought iron front door. The decor is done in black, white and pink, a classy combination. With its large lush pink curtains, black shag area rugs and scroll design borders it make you feel like you are in a french boutique. There are three freebies to snatch up, an update group and Mimikri also has a blog. Her blog is updated pretty consistently.

There are no in-store associates to help but the owners names are clearly displayed to IM for questions. Their profiles do not give much in the way of store information including return/ refund policies, custom orders and problems. There are no in-store notecards to provide this information. Useful was a poster with all you want to know permissions, joining the update group without searching and visiting Mimikri Kit’s blog.

While Mimikri adds the fashion apparel, Sven provides a large choice of shoes and belts to go with them. The clothes range from casual to formal, from the simple skirt and top to party dresses and outfits for clubbing, each one fun and with a retro feel. There is an assortment of belts, hats and other accessories to bring the most out of your outfit. Walking through the store was easy and viewing the inventory was fun. There are many different sections, rooms and hallways, each turn was exciting, to see what else the designers had to offer. Pictures showed models against creative backgrounds in different poses. There is a section of the store upstairs just for party dresses. I was delighted as I went up the stairs to check them out to see a wall of mix and match outfits prompting you to be the designer and create your own style. Mimikri Hot Couture also offers poses by Koumia Bellah.

After making your purchase, delivered in the oh-so-convienent folder, there is a semi private dressing room with a pose stand to try it on. Price and content are available when you hover and you know what you are getting in the package before you buy. Folders include all your items and a landmark, an included photo would be desirable but is not included. Styles and colors were named consistently so you can accessorise with ease. Prices were reasonable considering quality. Shoes averaged $L300 and clothes were affordable at between $L150 and $L390. Many outfits were versatile, including pant or skirt option as well as different tops. The styles, colors and textures were original and daring.

A little bonus item at Mimikri, there is a discount outlet where you can save some money on older styles. Also, if you use the teleport there is a rooftop cafe, a nice meeting place for your shopping buddies. I found Mimikri to be full of stock to pick from and offered many choices. The design was well thought and executed from these prolific designers.

I give Mimikri Hot Couture

Shopping bagShopping bagShopping bagShopping bag


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Shopping tip: This one is simple, try the demo if there is one available, especially if the item is no transfer.