I have always loved this Retro Blazer from Redgrave, but hadn’t had many opportunities to wear it. It always seemed a little too formal for the places I hang out. Then one evening, as I was getting dressed for a party, I decided to try and dress it down for a more casual look. I opted for the sexy, shirtless frat boy look and paired the jacket with my favorite belted Redgrave jeans. All I needed was a pair of white shoes and I had exactly the look I was hoping for: A trendy twist on a perennial favorite.

Hair: Gurl6 – Bang  L$195 (No Transfer)

Jacket: Redgrave – Suit Retro Jacket Bright  L$450 (No Copy)

Pants: Redgrave – Blue Jeans with Belt  L$400 (No Copy)

Shoes: Redgrave – Leather White  L$200 (No Copy)