A new store called Cachet opened last week. It features a new clothing line made by the same creator behind Minnu Model Skins, Minnu Palen. The moment the doors opened to the public, I immediately rushed over and checked out the goods! There was one outfit that I immediately fell in love with and is called Spider, pictured here. My favorite part of the ensemble is the lacy webbed top which clearly defines the outfit. It all reminds me of a modern, high fashion, angelic or ghostly outfit, especially with the right kind of hair and skin which was what I was trying to aim for in these pictures here. So if you are looking for a new place to shop or if you are a fan like me and love Minnu Model Skins, definitely check out Cachet. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Shape: CustomSkin: MM-Fair SkinGloss-DittaSoft – $1150 by Minnu Model Skins
Hair: Ryuuzaki in white – $100 by Kin
Eyes: MM-Gray Eyes (first version)- (Retired) by Minnu Model Skins
Eyelashes: Photoshoot eyelashes – $100 by Minnu Model Skins
Outfit, including gloves and belt: Spider – $550 by Cachet
Boots: BOOTS /White-Leather/ Sculpties – $450 by REDGRAVE